Microsoft Office OneNote

Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Microsoft Office OneNote is a program designed for multi-user collaboration and data gathering. It is a light and easy-to-use application that collates notes - either handwritten or typed - screen clippings, images, texts, audio commentaries, and drawings, and organizes all of them into categorical notebooks for easy and faster access. Microsoft Office OneNote allows Internet-based or network-based sharing of notes in between users, so they can collaborate in working on a project. Additionally, there is a web-based version that is accessible using Office Web Apps and SkyDrive, for real-time editing online.

Microsoft Office OneNote is an interactive software that allows users to enter texts, create and customize tables, and even insert pictures, images, and clippings directly into a One Note file. Unlike conventional document-editing programs, this software lets users write on to documents unbounded. They can simply click on anywhere in the document for them to encode or key in certain texts. It has an auto-save feature, which from time to time saves the progress on the file. All data gathered are stored as sections within the notebooks of the program. Each page can be modified by size to cater to whatever information or table length since the notebooks do not necessarily impose a fixed page layout or structure. Finally, Bitmap images can be inserted into the pages without compromising quality of display.