Microsoft Office Excel 12

Microsoft (Proprietary)

Microsoft Office Excel is a spreadsheet application. The program enables users to perform calculations, make graphs, and create pivot tables. The program also comes with Visual Basic programming language for creating macros. This program has been widely used since 1993. Microsoft Office Excel is a member of the Microsoft Office software suite.

Microsoft Office Excel features the basic spreadsheet features. The interface features the Windows menu bar, the task ribbon, and the main spreadsheet window, which is composed of columns and rows of cells that are used for the most basic to the most advanced data manipulations. It can be used for the most basic arithmetic operations to more advanced engineering, statistical, or financial operations. The program also enables users to render graphs, charts, and histograms from data inputted on a table. Since the program comes with Visual Basic for applications, it can perform some programming for other complicated mathematical equations including mathematical physics problems. The program also features user interfaces that allow for decision support systems that can be used as forms for surveys and reports.

Microsoft Office Excel offers programming through the VBA or Visual Basic for Applications. Users may write codes using the Visual Basic Editor. This editor features a debugging tool, a window for writing code, and even a code module organization environment. The program allows users to automate tasks in VBA including data organization or formatting.