Microsoft Office Access

Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Microsoft Office Access is a database management software that integrates the Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) along with some tools for developing applications. Data architects and makers of software utilize Microsoft Access to create various applications. Users who are not necessarily developers can generate custom apps by choosing from a wide variety of well-designed app templates available in the program or downloadable from its website.  

The technology behind this program is Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), an object-oriented programming script that uses DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) to enable the building of UDFs (user defined functions), accessing API (Application Programming Interface) for Windows, automating processes, and other low-tier functionalities. A DLL is a library that contains executable data and functions that Windows applications normally use.  

The highlighted feature in Microsoft Access is its web app, a new kind of database that users can build, use, and share with colleagues as a SharePoint app via a web browser. Building an app requires users to select information they wish to monitor, such as tasks, contacts, and projects. Microsoft Access produces the database structure and comes with views that allow users to edit and add data. Built-in basic commands and navigation enable users to use their app immediately.