Microsoft Office Access 12

Microsoft (Proprietary)

Microsoft Office Access is a database management software developed by Microsoft and released on November 1992. It is part of Microsoft Office software suite. The program can likewise be used to develop applications. The program supports Visual Basic as a programming language. Visual Basic is an object-oriented language that supports ActiveX Data Objects, Data Access Objects, and other ActiveX components.

Microsoft Office Access enables users to create queries, tables, reports, and forms. These objects may be connected using macros. For advanced users, Visual Basic can be utilized to write solutions for user control and advanced data manipulation. The program enables users to create reports from various data sources which Access can get access to. The program is likewise compatible with SQL or Structured Query Language. With Microsoft Office Access, users will be able to view queries graphically or as SQL statements. The program supports both VBA and macros when doing programming tasks. It also utilizes parameterized queries which can be further referenced with other applications like .NET and VB6.

Microsoft Office Access enables users to import data from other databases and applications including the following: Excel, SharePoint lists, XML, HTML, Outlook, Plain Text, dBase, Lotus 1-2-3, and Paradox. The program also works with ODBC-compliant data containers including Oracle, MySQL, AS 400 DB2, Microsotf SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, among others.