Microsoft Office 2007 GreenVersion

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

Microsoft Office 2007 Green Version is a program suite developed by Microsoft Corporation with the aim to become earth-friendly with various applications that can save time, energy, and cost in the long run. In this version, the Microsoft applications are designed to lower printing, copying, storing, archiving, and mailing practices in businesses and offices that are currently driving up paper use and costs. It even addresses the financial costs of physical travel for executive and businessmen alike, creating a virtual workspace that will make large-scale and multi-national operations and management easier while gradually lowering excess energy and costs, making it beneficial to the environment.

Key features of the Microsoft Office 2007 Green Version include reducing the sizes of all 2007 files by twenty-five to fifty percent in order to save up on bandwidth and hard drive space, and progressively cutting cost for companies in terms of buying additional storage space. It is also capable of virtualizing meetings through web conferences to drive costs down for business trips abroad; allowing users to work within a virtual space without IT or programming knowledge with Office Groove 2007; and allowing for remote and mobile information access and management with Outlook 2007. With these applications, this version of Microsoft Office is certainly greener and eco-friendly than its predecessors.