Microsoft® Motocross Madness

Rainbow Multimedia Group, Inc (Shareware)

Motorcross Madness is a motorcycle-racing game released in 1998. The game features racing on rough terrain over 30 different courses. It is known for its simulation of real-life bike-racing, which includes realism in audio effects and the physics used in motorcycle crashes. Skill in adjusting jump speed and height, take-off point, and balance is key to being able to make a perfect landing – one of this game’s goals.

Players race in Indoor Supercross and Outdoor Motorcross modes. This takes place on the courses or in multiplayer mode. Players can attempt 16 wild stunts. All circuits are showcased and modeled in 3D. The Career mode involves racing for money. There are other game modes, including Rivals, Baja, Enduro, and National levels.  

Here are other features of the game:

• Riding Dynamic and Physics – Brake, throttle, steering and gears on the bike can be controlled. The center of gravity can be shifted forward, backward, and to either side. There are 16 kinds of midair stunts and jumps. Such depth of control provides realistic and varied gameplay for novice players and seasoned gamers.
• Varied 3D Environments – The vast array of stunt and racing environments, such as quarry, indoor and outdoor stadiums, and long-distance Baja courses, lend more diversity to gameplay.
• Track Editor – The game application permits players to build Supercross tracks from and with multiple tracks within the game.