Microsoft Monster Truck Madness 2

Terminal Realty (Proprietary)

Microsoft Monster Truck Madness 2 is a monster truck racing game developed by Terminal Realty and published by Microsoft Games. The game was released on April 1998. The player gets to drive any of the twenty monster truck types available in the game. The game features several monster trucks including Bearfoot, Grave Digger, Carolina Crusher, Bigfoot, Black Stallion, Boogey Van, Bulldozer, and Executioner. Other monster trucks include Firestone Wilderness, Hollywood Hogan, Nitemare, Overkill, Rampage, Snake Bite, Samson, Monster Patrol, Stinger, Wildfoot, and the Outsiders.

Microsoft Monster Truck Madness 2 offers seven circuits to race the monster trucks in. These are The Heights, The Graveyard, Farm Road 29, Crazy ’98, Breakneck Ridge, Scrapyard Run, and the Excavation. There is another secret track called Torture Pit.  There are four rallies:  Voodoo Island, Tumbleweed Flats, Sidewinder Canyon, and Tinhorn Junction.

The game also offers three Summit Rumbles namely, the Hypercube Rumble, Pyramid Rumble, and Arena Rumble. The Summit Rumble King of the Hill track is only accessible when the player is competing online with other players. The game also features secret inaccessible truck called Chuck’s Car. It is a Chevrolet Camaro which can only be accessed by typing CHUCK during a race. The game may ask for the player to restart to drive the inaccessible car.

Microsoft Monster Truck Madness 2 features the race commentaries of “Army” Armstrong.