Microsoft Money

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

Microsoft Money is a personal finance management application. Among other features, it enables users to view balances in their bank accounts, monitor their expenses, and create budgets. The software covers various aspects of finance for the home and small business, including keeping track of savings and bill payments, creating financial reports, and aiding in financial plans for life events such as college or retirement.

Microsoft Money works by requiring users to set up their accounts and enter all necessary data pertaining to their money flow. The “Home” feature displays an overview of all areas of financial activity. The function lets users access the program’s frequently used operations. It is possible to monitor and modify certain areas by clicking on the categories shown on top of the window. The program includes online services to store and retrieve their financial data.    

As Microsoft has discontinued development and release of the software since 2009, they have provided the Microsoft Money Plus Sunset versions as substitutes for the former (particularly versions of Microsoft Money Premium, Essentials, Deluxe, Home, and Business that are no longer available). Money Plus Sunset, or Money Plus, permits existing users to use for continued access to their data. No prior installation of Microsoft Money is required to install Money Plus. With Money Plus, users can open and edit their financial data files. However, they no longer enjoy the usual online support and features that came with Microsoft Money. Some of these features include online quotes, bill payments, and automatic financial statement downloads performed by Microsoft Money.