Microsoft MapPoint North America 2004

Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Microsoft MapPoint North America 2004 is a program that enables users to view, create, edit, integrate, and analyze maps and the demographic information contained within. With this application, users can type in an address and locate in on a map. It is both an application and a technology, and these components are developed to facilitate the geographical analysis and visualization of data. This application is designed for North American business owners and managers who make use of geographic information systems in their operations. This application comes included with pushpin symbols to enable users identify points of interest.

Microsoft MapPoint North America 2004 integrates perfectly with Microsoft Office applications, so users can email maps using outlook or incorporate these into PowerPoint Presentations. Users can also import data into the maps using Excel. Maps can be customized by adding color and text to selected areas. It is useful for managing a business because users will be able to plot sales data, consumer trends, underperforming stores, and commercial hotspots. With the demographic information, business owners and managers would gain insights into their activities, better understand where their sales are doing well, or where a majority of their customers reside. By using this application, users will be able to decide on the next steps for their business, such as opening a store in a densely-populated area that may be conducive to the new enterprise.