Microsoft Greetings Workshop

Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Microsoft Greetings Workshop is a computer program that may be used to create various types of greeting cards. This tool is essentially a graphics program that offers users around 7,000 projects that are ready to modify and print. The projects are provided by Microsoft and Hallmark Connections and the user is given free rein to personalize art, text content, and images. The user can also create cards from scratch using the myriad of tools provided by the program.

With a handful of mouse clicks all users of Microsoft Greetings Workshop can come up with personalized banners, invitations, announcements, certificates, calendars, flyers, coupons, newsletters, and signs aside from customized greeting cards. This handy tool gives the user the means to produce limitless greeting cards that reflect their own creativity and personal style. Microsoft Greetings Workshop is a tremendous help for users that already has a PC with a Windows 95 OS.

Microsoft Greetings Workshop is a utility that comes in a CD-ROM and works very much like Microsoft Publisher such that users of the latter will not need any orientation in order to start using this utility. Computer savvy individuals who want to create their own greeting cards make customized creations for all occasions without experiencing operational difficulty. This is the utility for people who care enough to send only the very best to their family members and friends.