Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Corp. (Shareware)

Microsoft Flight Simulator X or simply FSX, is an aviation simulation game developed and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released in 2006. The game comes in three editions – Deluxe, Standard and Gold. The Gold edition includes features available in Deluxe and Standard editions.

FSX is the first in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series to include mission-based gameplay that gears towards event-oriented scenarios. This gameplay provides task-oriented objectives. Completing these objects gives players rewards. These rewards vary depending on what mission the player completes. There are also hidden rewards, which can only be acquired if the player finds that certain item.

The game also features a Learning Center where players can learn about the different features offered by the program. It also displays information about the available aircrafts. Players can also listen to flying lessons included in the Learning Center. After the flying lessons, players can fly a “checkride”. Aside from missions and hidden rewards, players can also get certificates for completing checkrides. FSX also offers AI aircraft. These non-playable aircrafts are created for ambience and scenery only. However, they are important in certain missions as well.

Other new features available in FSX include:
• GPS system includes Garmin G1000
• ATC now features non-FAA procedures whenever required
• Weather system includes visibility modeling
• Added Tower Controller used for simulating airports and local control during multiplayer mode
• 50 new missions