Microsoft Flight

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

Microsoft Flight is a flight simulator program developed by Microsoft Game Studios. It was first released on February 29, 2012. The program is free to download and comes with the Hawaii scenery and Icon A5 aircraft. However, additional aircraft, content, and scenery are sold separately. The game also comes integrated with Games for Windows Live. This allows users with Windows Live accounts to create a multiplayer game via Gamertag.

Microsoft Flight features five gameplay modes:

• Missions – In this mode, players can learn the basic of flying during earlier missions. As the player masters the basics, later missions become more difficult to test the players’ skills. Some missions are timed while others are not. Each mission allows the player to master and test a specific flying skill.
• Free Flight – This mode enables the player to explore different terrains, weather conditions and aircrafts. In this mode, players can earn different awards by achieving certain goals.
• Aerocache Hunt – This mode puts players in a hunting game. There are different Aerocaches in the game. When players find them, they earn experience points.
• Jobs – Players can also take on a job through this game mode. When players are successful, they can also earn experience points.
• Multiplayer – This mode allows users to play with other players online. Users can either enter a quick match game or host different types of multiplayer sessions. This mode also features voice and text chats.