Microsoft Excel 2003

Microsoft (Shareware)

Microsoft Excel 2003 is a program that can be used for multiple purposes. Essentially, it is a spreadsheet application equipped with tools that can be used to transform data. MS Excel is intended specifically for Microsoft Windows but it can work with Mac OS as well. This utility can also perform data analysis and it can be used to share and communicate results with others users. The functions this utility are designed to do fit the needs of areas such as engineering, finance, and statistics.

Microsoft Excel 2003 is one of the programs included in the MS Office Suite. The basic layout is a grid of cells that allows for data organization in columns and rows. One of its main functions is the performance of arithmetic operations. Microsoft Excel 2003 also allows making use of interactive features such that the spreadsheet can be custom-designed for a specific purpose (e.g. stock analyzer).

This application has the following features: calculation tools, pivot tables, and graphing tools. If business processes are involved, the program can also work with XML or Extensible Markup Language and make the procedures easier to complete. Microsoft Excel 2003 can display data in different formats such as charts, histograms, and line graphs. This program is now the industry standard for spreadsheet tools.