Microsoft Close Combat III

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

Close Combat III: The Russian Front is a computer game where the player leads troops during World War II. Specifically, it focuses on the war’s Eastern front, with the United States, the Soviet Union, and Germany as the main countries participating in this part of the war. Particularly, it takes place in the time when the Soviet Union was invaded, up to the fall of Berlin.

Majority of the units in Close Combat III are designed after units that were used during the war in the Eastern front. Battles happen in 2D maps with some of the elements configured in 3D. Different terrain on the map provides added variety to the gameplay. For example, some terrain is suited for concealment. Some allow units a wider field of vision. The units can fall into either the infantry group or the support group. Infantry units are the main attackers. Support provides additional firepower from a distance. There are three different gameplay modes. Single Battle is where the player can play against a computer-controlled opponent on a stand-alone map. Campaign mode gives the user access to the game’s main story.

Waypoints can be assigned to automatically guide units towards a destination. This means all units coming from a specific structure will go to the waypoint spot. The game can also be played with opposing players through a local network.