Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard 5.2

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard is created to discover defects in the AutoPlay settings of computers that run on Windows. This application scans the system to determine what is wrong with the AutoPlay function. After identifying the problem the program proceeds to fixing the issue.

AutoPlay function failure causes CDs and DVDs not to play automatically. With Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard, the problem is diagnosed accurately and repaired promptly. A quick analysis will be done by this utility and it will also determine whether the problem can be fixed or not. Once the defective component is found, the user will be notified by Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard and asked if he or she wants the problem fixed.

There is no need to install Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard because it runs as soon as the .exe file is clicked. When a DVD/CD that is inserted into the machine does not play immediately, the utility can be launched to diagnose the existing problem.

Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard fixes broken autoplay functions in defective computer systems very fast. The user only needs to sit back and wait for the program to do its work. Once the repair process is done, the DVD/CD can be inserted again and the files that need to be opened and viewed will be readily accessible since the autoplay function is already restored.