Microsoft Application Virtualization

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

Microsoft Application Virtualization, or App-V, is a utility that enables an organization to host an application instead of installing separate copies of it on individual computers for their users or employees. The application is installed on the IT administrator’s computer system but individual users on the network can see and use the application as if it is installed in their own computers. This allows administrators to manage and maintain the application using only one computer, making it easier and more efficient for organizations to deploy applications and program updates without having to interrupt their working staff. This ensures that all users have a consistent user experience. Managing programs from one central computer also conflict between applications.

The App-V utility is streamed straight from the App-V server and may be cached and executed from the IT admin’s computer, making it available even when the system is not connected to the Internet. This utility allows organizations to run new applications on older Windows versions, and also use legacy applications that cannot be locally installed on newer Windows versions. The program updates and security patches will be installed on the admin computer and the IT personnel can simply manage the configuration to deliver the application changes to the users’ computers automatically.

App-V is one of the utilities included in the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack.