Microsoft® ActiveX(tm) Control Pad

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

Developed by Microsoft is the application referred to as the Microsoft® ActiveX(tm) Control Pad. This is a utility that people can use to apply specific control elements into an HTML page.

The main purpose of the Microsoft® ActiveX(tm) Control Pad is to allow its users to have direct control over HTML pages. The interface is rather simple to use. When launched, a text editor will appear. The first step in the process starts with a beginning code. There is a provision to insert ActiveX controls. When this is selected, another window will appear, this one containing all of the available controls that can be embedded or applied to an HTML page. Some examples of these controls include Crystal Report, Grid, Gradient, and the Common Dialogs control.

After making a selection, the user simply has to click the OK button to apply the changes. Any specifications to the applied ActiveX controls can then be done through the Properties tab of the main interface. As soon as all of the necessary parameters and commands have been specified, the program user will then be asked to confirm the changes and these will then be applied to the text editor for viewing and reassessment.