MicroOLAP Interactive SQL

microOLAP Technologies (Shareware)

MicroOLAP Interactive SQL is a comprehensive tool with many different features that are handy in working with Microsoft SQL views, tables, and queries. This program contains all the necessary tools for optimizing any SQL-related work. Users can load or save SQL scripts from and to an external file. This application is designed to provide full customization of editor behavior, appearance of the program, and other parameters.

MicroOLAP Interactive SQL by microOLAP Technologies offers users with a graphical interface that is intuitive and friendly. An MDI interface is available for the execution of SQL queries into separate windows when such a setup is called for. This helpful structure allows for the performance of functions such as the creation of SQL queries, modification of MSSQL table data, or building projects with the use of the Visual Query Builder. This utility also offers the SQL History, which allows for logging of executed queries. This particular features offers grouping by database connections. In addition, data exportation is available for 14 different formats such as XML, MS Access, MS Excel, and HTML.

MicroOLAP Interactive SQL also offers users with a Templates manager that can be used to edit custom SQL queries. Users can set a keyboard shortcut so that each template can be called quickly and easily. There are additional functions available to users, including a connection profiles manager.