microKORG XL Sound Editor

KORG Inc. (Freeware)

microKORG XL Sound Editor is an audio editing software developed by Korg, Inc. The program enables users to manage and edit audio input from supported Korg devices and instruments. It is developed to accompany the microKORG XL keyboard and manage the audio output provided by the instrument. The interface features simple matrix of commonly-used parameters to tweak the sound using three small knobs. The matrix features a six-way switch. The first row features integrated patches including adjust filter, envelope amount, and sweep filter cutoff.  The second row allows for effects and key filter parameters.

microKORG XL Sound Editor also features a Full Edit mode. This mode launches all the parameters and values that may be modified. It allows users to edit synthesis pages, arpeggiation, effects, virtual patches, and EQ or equalizer. The Synth window typically consists of different mini windows corresponding to Oscillator, Mixer, Filter, Amp, EQ, LFO, Voice, and Pitch, among others. Each parameter comes with several knobs that can be tweaked individually. Some parameters also come with visual displays including Amp, Oscillator, EQ, LFO, and Filter routing.  The Filter window allows users to change the Cutoff, Resonance, Balance, Key track, and Routing. The Amp window shows knobs for Level, PAN, Wave Shape depth, and Key track.  The Virtual Patch window allows users to add up to 6 patches, with their corresponding Source and Destination.