Microfit for Windows

Oxford University Press (Proprietary)

Microfit for Windows is a software application that runs on computers with Microsoft Windows installed. The econometric program offers users a variety of functions, including file processing, hypothesis testing, and data management features.

The current version, 5.0, offers several incremental improvements of functionalities that were offered in a limited capacity from previous editions. As an application that crunches a huge amount of data, users are encouraged to install the various editions of Microfit in computers with moderate hardware specifications.

The program offers users with background in economics extensive functionalities that cater to their specific specialties. Since data must be presented in real-time, especially when theoretical calculations are in place, the developers have opted to design the program with a simple graphical user interface that focuses more on producing the desired output clearly.

Other advanced econometric features include the ability to process using univariate techniques and multivariate methods that are independent from each other. The application can also be programmed to produce nonlinear results, particularly when large amounts of data are used in non-nested and diagnostic tests.

The program can also be used for demonstration purposes, which means that it can be used to provide graphical views that can be labeled, particularly when processed files are shown on large screens such as projectors.