Microchip Application Maestro

Microchip Technology Inc. (Freeware)

Microchip Application Maestro is a program developed by Microchip Technology Inc. This application is used for configuring and incorporating a variety of firmware modules that are pre-written into programs. It is composed of a set of modules created for use with the company’s PICmicro microcontrollers. The program is not just a simple librarian system. It offers more than archiving and managing functions for one software project. It is also used for managing a collection of ready-to-configure modules and makes the required files needed by the project. Aside from the available modules provided by the program, Microchip Technology also adds new modules or updated modules. Users can add more modules to the program by getting it from the company’s website.

Microchip Application Maestro works with the user choosing a specific module/s from the list provided then configuring it according to need. Once configuration is complete, the program will then generate the code, which can be incorporated into the program project with the help of MPLAB IDE or any supported IDE. The generated code will be saved to a specified. Available configuration varies from one module to another. The program will display the list of available options once the module or modules are selected. The available set of toolbars include “Clock Speed Select”, “Generate Code”, “Configure Selected Option”, “Remove Module”, “Add Module” and “Open Module”. The program supports adding and configuring of multiple modules at once.