Micro Madness

D6 Entertainment (Shareware)

Micro Madness is a 3D racing game in which players control miniature car models and race them not on racetracks, but in a domestic setting, such as inside the house (bathroom, living room, attic) or in the garden. The micro size of the cars means that everything else in the game is large, such as when racing with toy cars. There are eight racing locations in the game, and players can choose from more than 30 cars to race with. There are 32 races in total. There are also mini games to play, and numerous vehicles and tracks to unlock for more racing fun.

The game is developed using a 3D engine with realistic physics that cover acceleration and turning. Micro Madness has a multiplayer option and supports the creation of up to four player profiles, so users can test their racing skills against those of other players. Each of the players will have their own set of unlocked vehicles, which will be based on the profile they are using. This option also lets one player create multiple profiles. In the multiplayer mode, the screen will be split into four, one for each player. USB game controllers can be used and set up to play the game with.