Micro Flight 5.0

Ilan Papini (Shareware)

Created and released by Ilan Papini on March 2009 is the Micro Flight program. Micro Flight is a flight simulation application that allows its users to enjoy virtual flights using popular ultralight flying vehicles. Aside from this, users can fly these crafts under micro meteorological conditions. This particular feature is solely available under this particular program.

Micro Flight is an ultralight craft flight simulator. It allows users to fly various crafts under some of the most challenging environments. It is also able to simulate air flow over the ground, as well as the sun's thermal effects on flight conditions and the crafts. There are different types of ultralight aircrafts that can be flown virtually with this application. Users can choose from crafts like trikes and balloons not to mention helicopters and paragliders. Gyroplanes and hangliders are also available together with other popular aircraft models.

Program users will be treated to a virtual flight under a 3D setting. The flight controls do not merely rely on buttons. When it comes to the Micro Flight program, mouse movements matter tremendously. Aside from flight modes and capabilities, direct peer to peer communication amongst users is also available when it comes to this application.