Micorosoft Motocross Madness

Microsoft (Proprietary)

Motocross Madness is a game developed by Rainbow Studios and published by Microsoft Games. It is a racing game that features a realistic physics model to render motocross racing accurately. The game also features a challenging artificial intelligence, realistic sound effects, and a detailed terrain and racing environment. The game mixes racing with stunts. Players can earn money in the career mode to allow them to upgrade their motorcycles. Other playing modes are Supercross, National, Stunt, and Enduro. In Stunt mode, the player runs off the edge of a cliff and attempt to do a stunt with their motorbike.

The physics engine enables players to control the gears, brakes, throttles, and the motorbike’s center of gravity, which can be moved backward, sideward to the left or right, and forward. There are different racing environments available, including 30 outdoor and indoor stadiums, a long-distance course set in Baja, and even a quarry. Users can do 16 kinds of stunts and jumps in midair, and play with up to seven friends. Players can also customize tracks using the built-in track editor.

The National and Supercross races are multilap races that are held in indoor and outdoor arenas. The Baja races involve numerous laps through different terrains, and test the players’ endurance.