MICA WordZap 7

MICA (Shareware)

WordZap is a computer game where the player has to compose words using only the given letter blocks. To play this game, the player is presented with blocks of letters in random order. The task is to form as many words as possible from the letters on the blocks. There is no need to form words that contain all the letters in the blocks.

This game is typically played with another player, but it can also be played against a computer-controlled opponent. When the time runs out, both players display the words they have formed. When a word appears in both in the player’s and his opponent’s list, that word is removed (or zapped) out of the list. All identical words formed by both players are removed until only the unique words remain. This is where the user can get his score—the more unique words a player has, the higher his points will be. Also, forming complex words from the blocks of letters gives the player more points. The maximum number of letters that can be used to form a word is seven.

A dictionary tool comes embedded with the software. This provides the users with the definition of a formed word. Players can also list the words using only the keyboard.