MGET FLAC2MP3 convertor 1.2.1

MGET (Freeware)

MGET FLAC2MP3 Convertor is an audio conversion tool developed by MGET. The program enables users to convert lossless FLAC audio files into MP3 files. Most media players do not recognize the FLAC audio file format. Thus, users either need to download a separate FLAC player or convert the audio file. Converting the audio file into the more manageable MP3 format is more convenient to the user.

MGET FLAC2MP3 Convertor features easy conversion from FLAC to MP3 file formats. What the program does is convert the lossless FLAC audio file first into a wave format or WAV file format. After which, users can choose the bit rate that is most optimal for their needs. Bit rates range from 320 kbps and below. After selecting the applicable bit rate, users can click on the Convert to MP3 button to commence the final conversion process. Through this two-step process, users will be able to retain the quality most comparable to the original lossless file.

MGET FLAC2MP3 Convertor enables users to configure the program to automatically delete the FLAC and WAV files after the final conversion process. Eliminating duplicate files saves space on the computer. The program also features multifile support and batch processing support. MGET, the developers of FLAC2MP3 Convertor, also feature a FLAC to WAV converter only.