Metron Application

SintraWorks (Proprietary)

The Metron Application, developed by SintraWorks, is a digital metronome. Aside from this function, this application can also be used to help those learning new instruments in practicing their scales, and improving their playing especially when there are tempo changes in a composition. This application comes with a high-precision playback engine, which is necessary to make sure that there is always a steady and accurate beat for users to follow.

One of the features of this application is that it allows users to pre-program multi-bar excerpts using the bar-based sequencer. With this feature, users can bring scales up to speed and even increase the tempo accordingly through every beat, bar, or sequence. Users can also program and save rhythms for practice, and tune their instruments using the built-in pitch pipe. Metron includes the following additional features:

• Setlists – users can create setlists to contain predefines sequence sets. Users can also set the lists on auto-advance so the sequences play one after the other.
• Intuitive front panel – the front panel shows the basic metronome commands such as tempo, which can be speeded up or slowed down easily.
• Sequencer – this application comes with default sequences covering the most common time signatures. Users can add and edit each the bar/s that make up the sequences.
• Compound and complex time signatures – users can create bars with irregular and multiple time signatures.

Metron users can also record sessions and save these as audio files.