Meteor 2.1

FunnyArts (Shareware)

Meteor is a breakout-style game, in which players have control over a moving paddle on which a ball must be bounced back and forth towards a layer of bricks that must be destroyed. This game is set in space, and players control a spaceship that is used to bounce back a meteor ball to destroy moving alien ships, robots, and radioactive elements. Players must be careful not to miss bouncing the ball back to the enemy forces. The enemy ships and robots retaliate by firing bullets and bombs that players should avoid. To help players along, the game comes with powerups and bonuses such as a shield to give them more firepower, destroy more ships, and protect them from enemy attacks.

In Meteor, players will be able to access different types of balls and weapons to destroy the enemy forces with. The game interface is brightly-colored to complement the game’s visual effects whenever the ball breaks the moving ships and bricks. At the right part of the game screen is a column that contains information on the current mission and game level. It also contains a timer, a scoreboard, a meter that tracks the ball’s speed, and the number of lives left to the player. A life is lost when the player misses bouncing the ball. The ball is replaced until all lives are used up. When all of the enemy ships and radioactive bricks are destroyed, players can move on to the next level. There are 90 levels all in all.