MetaX 2.36

Dan Hinsley (Shareware)

MetaX is an application that enables users to tag their video collection. It has a simple and easy to use interface, which makes it ideal for both novice and advanced computer users. Information for movies and videos can be searched from different sources, such as IMDB, tagChimp, or Amazon. The application has a simple user interface with large buttons located at the top portion of the main window. There are also five tabs on the window – Info, Video, Advanced, Setting, and Chapters.

Under the Info tab, different kinds of information can be added, such as the title of the video, artist, date, rating, and genre. Users can also add short and long descriptions for the title. Under the Video tab, other movie information can be viewed, including director, producer, cast, screenwriter, album, show, season, episode number, and others. Under the Advanced tab, users can change the keywords and categories of Podcasts, as well as add other information. Users can also import video information from an XML file to add to the movie database.

MetaX supports different video file formats including WMV, MKV, AVI, MOV, M4V, and MP4. Users can also access a User Guide that can be downloaded from the developer’s official website.