MetaTrader 5

MetaQuotes Software Corp. (Freeware)

MetaTrader is a trading platform created for stock and Forex markets that feature tools for market trading and analyzing.  With this software, users can control and manage their accounts, use technical indicators and valuable data for market investigation, and trade in various financial markets. Its uncomplicated design and straightforward interface provides a feasible experience for all types of customers – even those who are not well-versed or experts in the financial sector.  This application allows users to trade different currencies and company stocks.  Virtually any brokerage firm can also be collaborated with through their respective Web servers.  Other convenient application features include provision of trade operations histories, financial instruments’ real-time quotes,  access to personal trade accounts and possibility to engage in trades anytime. A comprehensive line-up of technical indicators also helps users in market analysis and trade decision making.  Some examples of aforementioned indicators are Standard Deviation, Moving Average, Relative Strength Index, Accumulation/Distribution, Market Facilitation Index, and Momentum.

The application’s set up consists of four very orderly pages that can be accessed via tabs and designated as  Quotes, Charts, Trade, and History. MetaTrader is an invaluable tool for investors, traders, and power brokers alike, since it provides very useful tools and trading information that are of paramount importance for any kind of trading transaction.  Most importantly, it allows all kinds of users to participate in trade processes anytime they wish to.