MetaQuotes Language Editor 4

MetaQuotes Software Corp. (Proprietary)

MetaQuotes Language Editor is a programming language editor built-in to the Meta-trader 4 forex trading platform by MetaQuotes Software. MetaQuotes Language Editor highlights the MetaQuotes programming language. It is used for drafting and writing the programming code of Meta-trader 4. By using MetaQuotes Language Editor, the users are familiarized with the Meta-trader system text.  

The MetaQuotes Language Editor also features a dictionary, which users may utilize as a help tool for the MQL language. MetaQuotes Language Editor also contains a built-in user guide, which may assist users in navigating the forex trading platform. The system guide offers functional descriptions divided into categories and operations. Users may also find element descriptions, language constructions and definitions of reserved words in the built-in systems guide.

MetaQuotes Language is used for 4 different functions. MetaQuotes Language Editor allows users to automate trading management by the creation of Expert Advisors using MetaQuotes Language. MetaQuotes Language Editor can also create Custom Indicators, Libraries, Scripts and Included Files for creation of trading strategies. Expert advisor is the mechanical trading system while the Custom indicator is the technical indicator. The latter are written separately from the other indicators. Script deals with actions that can be done with single executions while Library comprises of frequently used functions. Lastly, the source text for the most frequently used program blocks is the Included File.