Metal Knights 98 1.81

KnightSoft Technologies Inc. (Freeware)

Not too many strategy games can boast of long staying power. In fact, not too many games at all can boast of staying power. In today’s app store-driven market, constant updates, downloadable content, and exclusive content need to be released, all in the effort to stay relevant. One of the games that can successfully boast of this is Metal Knights 98. A classic tank versus tank strategy game, it recently turned 20 years old and the developers have given the game an overhaul to keep it alive and well.

Metal Knights 98 is a massively multiplayer online strategy game. It was designed by the developers to be extremely easy to play and navigate through so that players could focus on actually playing the game instead of other technicalities that may take away from the game’s playability. The process of joining games is extremely easy. Once the player starts the game, the game automatically connects to the game’s NetMetal Server and allows players to select games. The game is a turn-based game. This being said, with the number of players in every game, a wait for a turn can be very long. This is why the developers have allowed players to participate in more than one game at a given time.