Tababito Technology (Shareware)

MetaFox is a utility created by Tababito Technology to convert video to MKV format. The outputs are of good quality and the procedure itself is usually error-free. MetaFox is capable of batch processing, too. This allows users of this versatile tool to add a multiple number of video files for conversion later.

This application is very easy to operate and also feature drag-and-drop capability. It allows the user to bring the files into the primary panel. This utility is designed such that it is easy to upload the files to be converted. It is also easy and convenient to add entire folders to the list without having to manipulate too many controls. MetaFox is also lightweight and does not take up much space on the hard disk.

MetaFox gives the user an insight with regard to the time that the job is estimated to be completed. The user is also given the option to cancel the ongoing conversion. Other extra features of this utility are splitting DVD episodes, muxing and demuxing input files, and compressing headers.

This program is capable of saving converted videos automatically in the same directory where the original video files are located. There is only minimum effort required to master all the functions of this user-friendly utility.