Metacafe (Freeware)

Metacafe is a video sharing website first launched in 2003. It specializes on short-form video entertainment, spanning across several categories like movies, video games, sports, music and television. Initially, it functions similar to YouTube where users can upload anything they want about anything. However, this website has transformed itself and has focused more on short-form, original, exclusive and premium content related to entertainment.

To use Metacafe, users will need to create an account on the metacafe website. They will be asked to input the following: Email address, Nickname, Password, Confirm Password and Birthdate. Once the registration has been completed, the user will gain access to the site. The user interface is sleek with tabs on the topmost portion of the screen. These are labeled Most Popular, Epic Fails, Movies, Games, Music, Tech Tips, Top10, Unfiltered, Red Band Trailers and many others. There are also categories represented by icons on the top portion and includes Popular Now, Viral, Movies, Games, Music, Tech, Web Originals and Sports. The left portion shows the title of the currently trending videos and allows users to view them by clicking on the title. There are sections for Today’s Top Videos, Top Channels, Top Picks and Recommend Channels as well.