CORE (Proprietary)

Messiah is an action-adventure third-person game created by Shiny Entertainment and distributed by Interplay Entertainment. The game’s plot follows the story of a putto named Bob, who was commanded by God to go to Earth and rid humanity of corruption and sin. A sinister scientist named Father Prime has defied the laws of nature and figured out a way to contact Satan himself. It is Bob’s mission to use his human soul and free will to stop Father Prime from successfully carrying out all of his evil plans. During his journey on Earth, he encounters a super-human creature made by Father Prime but manages to defeat it and survive.

The story’s environment features a futuristic theme that includes such elements as high-tech vehicles and modern architecture. Bob has the ability to fly to great heights but within limited distances only, which means that the player has to combine flying and climbing in order to transport Bob to the right places. Bob is vulnerable in his cherub form, so he must take over the body of another being to become more capable of facing enemies. However, this can only be done when the life form is unaware of Bob’s presence. The most common and useful type of host are human forms but the player can also choose to transform Bob into other non-human forms such as aliens, cyborgs, and rodents.