Messenger Plus! for Skype

Yuna Software (Freeware)

Messenger Plus! for Skype is an add-on program for the Skype instant messenger application. One of the features of the program is video sharing. With the program, users can easily share videos on the Skype chat window just by dragging and dropping. Only WMV video files are supported by the program. Recording audio and video calls is also possible with the program. There are three quality levels when recording videos and there is no limit to the duration of the recording. Video effects and sound effects can also be used when chatting with friends. These effects can be previewed before applying them on a call.

For chat features, the software offers flash video animation in the form of winks and animated emoticons. However, these can only be seen by the other end when they also have the program installed on their computer.  Messenger Plus! for Skype also allows users to customize the interface. There are several themes and colors to choose from.

Other features of the program include the following:
Video effects and overlays (mosaic, mirror, emboss, color inversion, etc.)
Voice transformation effects (gain, reverb, chorus, etc.)
Menu mode
User-defined ringtones
Scrollable toolbar

Users can view the Skype messenger chat log according to date, contact, or session.