MeshCreator 2.61_b348 Beta

Proxy Networks, Inc. (Freeware)

MeshCreator is a fast, free, and intuitive 3D modelling tool. Its main function is to be used for creating 3D models for games and other projects requiring 3D modeling. The tool uses OpenGL to render the interface and the main modelling render information. MeshCreator has been used by game modders, game developers, and 3D artists in general. Its intuitive interface makes it the ideal choice of 3D modelelers on a budget. And with its already comprehensive list of features, the program is still strongly being upgraded regularly by its developers.

The interface of the application is extremely simple and straightforward. There is only one main window with no toolbar s on the sides. The three planes for X, Y, and Z are shown as grids. The mesh is displayed on the grids where, after laying out the basic mesh, the user can then scale, warp, add texture, and perform other functions. There are four main views available for the grid: Top, Front, Side and a rotatable 3D view. The program comes with built in and downloadable 3D texture and object libraries. The developers are currently developing a scripting or scripted plugin feature for the program to add more features to it.