mental mill (R) Artist Edition

mental images ® (Freeware)

mental mill (R) Artist Edition is a shader creation tool. This program is designed for the use of artists and creative personnel of different skill levels. For those who do not have computer programming knowledge, operation of this utility will not pose any difficulty. The main functions of this utility are to test, develop, and maintain shaders while providing real-time feedback. This program also offers users with the tools to crate photorealistic effects via complex cooperating shader networks. The outcomes are geared toward increasing personnel productivity.

The developers of this program intend to provide individuals with a creative vision but without technical experience to do debugging and hand-coding to create shaders. This utility facilitates the procedures on variable environments and platforms.

This graphics application supports the universal meta-shader language called MetaSL, which in turn has the capacity to create shaders which are independent of target platforms. The outputs of MetaSK can be executed on GPUs, CPUs, and custom processors.

The applications of mental mill (R) Artist Edition include a wide range of situations. It is mostly used in the areas of entertainment and visual effects. It is also useful to professionals engaged in marketing and product design, as well as engineering.