Men of War: Assault Squad

"Best Way" Corp (Proprietary)

Men of War - Assault Squad is a standalone expansion for the real time strategy/tactics video game, Men of War. It was developed by Digitalmindsoft and was first released on February 25, 2011. The game features a new faction (Japan), 15 added missions and new units. Players can play in single-player, co-op or multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode features five new maps. There is also the Skirmish mode, where the game can be played offline without having a partner.

The game centers on real-time tactics. However, it also features strategic elements as well. Like its predecessor, the player must complete objectives that are military in nature. Players can choose between five nations (i.e. Japan, Russia, American, Britain or Germany). Each nation possesses a special ability. For example, in the Japanese campaign, calling a light tank invasion is possible. In the American campaign, players have airstrike and reconnaissance abilities.

Assault Squad still includes the “direct control” allowing the player to command any unit found on the battlefield. Direct control feature is advantageous when aiming a certain tank part or priming grenades. The player can control soldiers in the game via direct control or RTS control scheme. Factions have their own infantry as well. The game’s impact system on vehicle and tank armors is realistic also. Each of the guns has their own penetration characteristics and values. The interaction between the armor and the gunfire depends on several factors such as strength, angle, range and others.