SammSoft (Shareware)

MemTurbo is a system utility tool that helps in optimizing the computer's performance. It does this by optimizing the computer's Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM is the computer's data storage device wherein data can be accessed in any order. Over time, some programs can take most of the RAM even if they are not in use. This software can help in reducing RAM's fragmentation. It scans the computer's operating system and applications and tries to regain some of the memory being used there. It also tries to polish file caching. This can help in increasing the computer's speed especially during startup or when the computer is turned on.

Sometimes, memory can leak because of applications that are corrupted or that do not behave as they are supposed to. MemTurbo's optimizer can regain these memory leaks so that it can be used by applications that are always utilized. The software's user interface shows 2 meter bars that can be scrolled up or down. These two meter bars are the "Auto Recover Level" and the "Target Free Ram". The first one displays up to how much can be recovered automatically. The 2nd meter lets users choose how much RAM they would like to free up. It also displays the memory level of the computer.