MemoryCleaner 1.60 (Shareware)

Memory Cleaner is a program used for cleaning the system’s memory in order to make it run more efficiently. Cleaning a computer’s memory optimizes and RAM to allow the computer to perform better. The program was designed with novice users in mind so beginners and advanced users will be able to use the application.

The application has a small interface that has three tabs at the top portion – Memory, Options, and About. Under the Memory tab, users can view a summary of the computer’s state including the memory usage, average usage, and maximum usage of the memory. There are also task buttons provided for trimming processes and clearing the system cache. Users can tweak the application’s behavior under the Options tab. The program can trim processes and clear system cache whenever the usage exceeds 80%, or it can also perform the said actions every five minutes. Memory Cleaner can be set to run as soon as the computer boots up.

Here are the key features of the Memory Cleaner application:

• Can give the user a report of the virtual memory usage and the pagefile usage
• Can be accessed from the system tray without having to open its main window
• The program can be set to run in the background