Memory Optimizer Pro 1

Softorino (Freeware)

Memory Optimizer Pro is a utility that enables a user to know about and understand his or her computer’s memory usage. This tool is also used to boost the computer’s performance by freeing up system memory. Computers may have ample memory for several applications to run, but without a proper memory manager, system performance may lag. With this application, users will be able to free up memory that is no longer needed, such as temporary files. By recovering and optimizing the system memory, users will have more space for running applications. This also results in faster, lag-free system performance.

This utility is straightforward and easy to use—it does not require users to have special knowledge or skills in computer technology, making it ideal for beginners. The graphical user interface is simple, represented by a single window where all of the important details about the computer’s system performance are shown. There is a “Recover Free Memory” button that users can click for a quick memory recovery process.

Another is the “Optimize” button. When this button is clicked, Memory Optimizer Pro will show users the cached and free memory available in their computers, shown using a progress bar with different colors for each value. The application will then proceed to delete the unnecessary files to free up memory space and make the computer run faster and more efficiently.