Memory Improve Ultimate

WindowsCare Technology Inc. (Shareware)

Memory Improve Ultimate is an application that optimizes the computer’s memory in order to improve system performance. The program has a simple interface that is divided into five different parts. They are:

• Overview – This tab displays the computer’s current memory state. It shows the memory used, the paging file, and the CPU. This tab is also where users can see the “Reclaim” and “Defrag” buttons. There is also a Defrag Parameters window for the size and level of the memory.
• General – The general tab is where users can indicate the parameters that are going to be used by the program in order to compress files and free up memory space.
• System – The system tab is where users can view and change the settings for visual aspects of the system in order to improve the computer’s performance.
• Processes – Under the processes tab, users are able to fix memory processes or stop processes that are currently running on the computer.
• Settings – The last tab is the settings tab where users can configure the processes used by the application.

When the computer is running low on memory, users can click on the “Defrag” button to free up memory on the system.