Memory Improve Master 6.12.369

Memory Improve Master Studio (Freeware)

Memory Improve Master is memory optimizer software developed by Memory Improve Master Studio and released in January 2011. This software optimizes the system’s memory performance. The Memory Improve Master works on the principle that the more free RAM there is, the better the memory performs, the faster applications work. Memory Improve Master employs manual memory release and memory deep compressing which results to freeing more RAM. Memory Improve Master also lets the application run in the background by setting memory thresholds.

Memory Improve Master user interface features a simple box. The interface also features a real-time graph, which shows the system performance and the effects of setting some memory configurations like RAM usage, CPU usage, and paging-file. This software also allows users to set performance settings as to cache size and DLL handling. Memory Improve Master also allows users to classify applications as to a black list and a white list. The white-listed applications are prioritized for RAM usage. Memory Improve Master also features a Smart List, which learns the user’s system usage and habits.

Memory Improve Master has a small system and storage footprint. It features background running capability. It also employs systematic and periodic memory optimization while running in the background. It may also be updated online through a button available on the interface.