Memory Clinic 1.0

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Memory Clinic is a hidden object game that helps enhance a player’s memory. In this game, Dr. Summerland plays the host and introduces users to a series of tests and exercises to help improve their memory skills and train their mind to concentrate, remember, and solve problems.  In this game, the user is brought to the doctor’s exclusive Memory Clinic where they are introduced to different hidden object challenges that look  are designed to look familiar to the player. Dr. Summerland monitors the user’s performance and presents more difficult challenges until the user acquires the skills to enhance memory.

Each level of the hidden object game is focused on a specific area of brain activity. As the user develops more memory skills, Dr. Summerland serves as a guide who keeps track of their performance and adjusts the difficulty level of the challenges until they reach their memory goal. Some of the notable features of this educational game are:

• Quick gameplay
• Hidden object game-based training and exercises
• Puzzles that become more challenging as the user acquires advanced skills
• Photorealistic graphics and sound

The software comes with a wide selection of memory-enhancing mechanics for variety and added replay value.