Memory Card File Rescue

Sony Corporation (Shareware)

Sony’s Memory Card File Rescue is a complete file recovery tool that was released in 2012. The program allows users to recover different files and documents from file corruption and logical crashes of memory cards.  The programs also provide complete solutions for accidental deletion of files.

Memory Card File rescue supports almost all image files and formats. Movie formats are also supported for easy recovery of lost files. The software analyzes FAT files system data and recovers different files on a memory card regardless of the format.  Users can recover deleted or corrupted files ranging from RAW image files to high-definition (HD) video files. In using the software, users must first insert the memory card to be recovered.  Users are then prompted to scan or browse the files available for recovery. The software allows multiple or manual selection of files. These files can be healthy or broken, depending on the time it was corrupted or deleted.

All files are saved on the PC where the software is installed. Utility tools can support all varieties of memory cards with different storage capacities. Different options and tools also allow users to preview all files and folders before the actual recovery process starts. The software also provides step by step instructions on the whole recovery process.  All Sony products are also supported in the software manager.