MemOptimizer 3.55

Pointstone Software, LLC (Shareware)

MemOptimizer is a simple application used for monitoring the system’s behavior. It is capable of freeing up system resources whenever they are needed, which makes programs run faster. The program has a small interface that consists of different tabs including the ones listed below:

• Overview – The Overview tab displays the CPU usage, as well as other information like the free physical memory, free virtual memory, memory load index, and memory that was saved from the last clean up. It also has a graph of the physical memory usage history.
• Optimization – This tab is where users can set the amount of memory that needs to be freed up. There is also an automatic optimization feature that works when the system has a limited amount of memory.
• Statistics – The statistics displays the physical memory available and the virtual memory available. It also shows the free memory before optimization and free memory after the optimization.
• Options – The options window is where users can change the program’s general settings and set hotkeys for common commands. This is also where users can update the application to its latest version.
• Programs – Under this tab, users can set the program to optimize the system first before a program is launched.