Memonic 1.0.0

Nektoon AG (Freeware)

Memonic is a web-based note taking and research application that enables users to perform various actions on their information such as saving, sharing, and organizing it. It is developed by the company, Nektoon AG and comes with one of its most distinctive features – the web clipper – which allows users to decide on which browser they want to download Memonic. When gathering information from the Internet, users who stumble upon a website that contains relevant information can simply click on the Memonic icon on the browser menu and click on “Clip Content”. The user can then click and select all the desired information and save it. Once the information is saved, users can also organize the data directly from the web clipper by storing it in sorted folders, tags, and groups. This information may also be shared through email and various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, Memonic also enables users to view their notes on a personal archive, in which the program has extracted only selected information. During occasions wherein the user has no time to view a relevant website, Memonic provides the option of saving web pages for future reference. Users can also write notes, bookmark web pages, and take screenshots of them as well. It also has a sync feature to update note changes in all of the user’s devices.