Carthago Software (Freeware)

MemInfo is an application that allows the user to check system memory in real time. This permits users to see what processes are running and taking up system resources. When a certain non-essential process is taking up a significant amount of memory, for example, the user can opt to disable the process so the computer can run faster. The user may also opt to stop that process from running at system startup to speed up booting.

The MemInfo app, upon installation, sets the icon into the system tray. The simplicity of the user interface affords a high degree of ease of use to all users. Being basic negates the need for a Help feature or integrated guide. Interaction is almost non-existent between user and interface, as the program simply shows statistics regarding the computer’s memory. There are a few simple commands, however. Scrolling over the icon automatically displays said information, which includes physical memory in megabytes, memory percentage used, and the page file. Colors also change in accordance with the usage of memory. Green figures mean usage is under 65%, red figures mean usage is at 95% and above, while 66-94% usages displays yellow figures. The MemInfo program also has a disk defragmenter that only requires a right-click to activate.