Memeo Send

Memeo (Shareware)

Memeo Send is an online service that enables users to send files to anyone on the Internet. The application does not have a limit on the size of the files to be sent. It supports sending of different kinds of files including photos, videos, images, documents, presentations, graphic files, etc. Sent files are transmitted over encrypted end-to-end links. Users can add files to Memeo Send by dragging and dropping them to the program or by selecting items from the tree view list within the program. Before sending the files, users can add a note or a description of the files that are attached.

Memeo Send is just like an online courier service. After sending the file, users are brought to the Track tab, which contains a list of all the sent files. Here, users can see tracking numbers for the sent files, the delivery status, and the delivery time. The tracking feature also allows users to see who has downloaded the file and when it was downloaded. Additionally, users can track the status of all the files in Memeo Send on the official website of the application.

Here are the other features of the application:
• Secure transport
• No file restrictions
• Easy to use